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Jacques Loussier Trio Ravel's Bolero Limited Edition (Ultra HD) Ray Brown Trio Some of My Best Friends Are...Singers (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $41.00
Our Price: $37.00
Ravel's Bolero Ray Brown Trio
Royal Strings Limited Edition (Ultra HD) Decca: Supreme Stereophonic Legacy (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $41.00
Our Price: $249.99
Charles Rosekrans A narrative and musical account of the Golden Age of Decca stereo recordings.
Michel Camilo Triangulo Limited Edition (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $41.00
Michel Camilo, Pianist

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Blues For The Saxophone Club

Our Price: $25.00
This is one of the five albums Jeremy Monteiro, the “Jazz King of Singapore”, produced for FIM, all with flying colors. I think this one should be the best amongst the 5, done right at the pinnacle of Jeremy’s performing art. Right from the first second of music, you will be captivated by Jeremy’s magical finger work on the piano, blending so well in the synergy with other jazz greats. Songs are musical, sound is terrific. You will not be disappointed, but will listen with great enjoyment and in musical ecstasy!

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This is K2 HD Sound! Various Artists
Our Price: $35.30

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Jacques Loussier Trio Ravel's Bolero (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $37.00
The Best of Play Bach (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $37.00
Royal Strings (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $37.00
Monty Alexander - Stir It Up: The Music Of Bob Marley (Ultra HD)
Our Price: $37.00
LAGQ Limited Edition (Ultra HD format)
Our Price: $41.00